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Polyethylene Inserts

Polyethylene Manhole Inserts For Sewer Systems

Discover great new polyethylene manhole inserts to protect your sewer systems. We provide the most revolutionary and one-of-a-kind manhole inserts available on the market. We only want to offer high-quality manhole inserts to our customers to make their money's worth; thus, we have created our polyethylene manhole inserts. You may contact No Flow In Flow through a form or call us at (800) 950-8268 for more information.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Provide your system the strength of our rain dishes, which are made of Marlex HXM 50100, one of the strongest ultra-high density and high molecular weight polyethylene compounds available for this purpose.

We believe so powerfully in the quality of our manhole inserts that we offer a five-year warranty on the body of the inflow dish with a .150 material thickness, and a full ten-year warranty on the body of the inflow dish with a .187 material thickness. Our inflow preventers afford you a ventilation choice between valves of vent holes, and boast a brittleness temperature up to -180°F.

Wave 2 - Rain Dish


Our dish meets ASTM specifications designation D1248, Class A, Category 5, Type 111 with a minimum impact brittleness temperature of -180°F. The thickness shall be uniform 1/8" or greater, and the material is corrosion proof from all gases associated with wastewater collection systems. But the quality doesn’t stop there. The lift strap is made of a woven polypropylene web and is attached to the bowl of the dish by a wide head, stainless steel rivet, and a stainless steel ¾" backup washer, and all of the cut edges are seared to ensure against raveling. Ventilation is provided by a vent hole and/or a valve located on the side of the bowl. The hole or valve allows a maximum release of five gallons of water per 24 hours, and is not affected by debris that might collect in the bottom of the dish. Best of all, sewer gas is vented at one PSI or less to maintain safety.

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