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H.D.P.E. or A.B.S. Valve Box Inserts

Valve Box Manhole Inserts for Sewer Systems

Get your hands on these powerful valve box manhole inserts for your sewer system. Eliminate sheet flow of rainwater and never get yourself having a problem looking for inflow protectors and preventers. Learn more about the components of the valve box manhole inserts by reading the specifications below, or you can contact us via form or call us at (800) 950-8268 for more information.


The valve box insert is made of ultra-lite density polyethylene copolymer material that meets ASTM specifications designation D 1248, Class, Category 5, Type 111 with a minimum impact brittleness temperature of -180 degrees Fahrenheit. The thickness shall be uniform to .187 or greater. This material is composed of MARLEX HXM 50100....extra high molecular weight Hexene copolymer or can also be made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or A.B.S. plastic.

The Lift Strap is made of 1 inch wide woven polypropylene web and is attached to the bowl of the dish by a wide head stainless steel 3/16" rivet and a stainless steel 3/4" backup SS washer. All cut edges are seared to insure against raveling.